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International Spring desserts

International Spring desserts

Easter, a celebration and triumph of life over death, a major holiday for Christians all over the world celebrating the resurrection of Jesus Christ, with each country having their way of celebrating this glorious holiday.

In Sicily, this island with profoundly steeped religious roots, celebrate by decorating the town’s infrastructures (domes, bell towers, archways, etcetera) with willow, bread, various herbs, dates, to mimic the feel of the inside of a cathedral.

In France, no church bells can ring between Holy Thursday and Easter Vigil on the account of the Solemnity of the days around Jesus’s death, and legends had evolved that the church bells weren’t rung because they grew wings and flew to Rome to be blessed by the Pope, and the bell returns on Easter day with chocolate and presents for the kids.

In Poland, the day before Easter, families prepare a “Blessing Basket” filled with colored eggs, sausages, bread, and other important foods that they take to the church to be blessed.

In Spain, the popularity of Torrijas, an ancient convent style French Toast bread dessert, is prepared with sweet Moscatel, an egg bread, dipped in sweet wine and sautéed in Extra virgin olive oil, unlike the French toast, prepared with milk and butter. This amazingly delicious delight is served at all Bars, Taverns, and Restaurants during the Easter Season.

No matter where we are from, or what religious faith we hold, all celebrations share food as a common way to celebrate. Finland has an Easter Pudding, Russia & Ukraine have Kulich (Easter Bread), Capirotada – Easter Bread Pudding from Mexico, Hot Cross Buns – The United Kingdom, Easter Buns, Ma’amoul – Lebanon, Easter Cookies, Paskaegg – Chocolate Eggs from Iceland, and Simnel Cake – Easter Dessert from Ireland, and I am almost certain a dumpling of some kind from China.

The taste of individual elements does not have great importance in food, but a fine blending of ingredients results in great taste, and dishes in meals must be compatible ~ Confucius.

Here are my Easter inspired theme desserts:

Deconstructed Lemon Tart – Almond Sable, Lemon Curd, Cream and adorned with an Egyptian Starflower

Deconstructed Tiramisu – Pain de Gênes adorned with a Marigold and a touch of Silver

Peach Cotton Candy, Peaches and Cream Macaron and Prosecco

Article & Photography By: Private Chef Mimi Houston

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