Publisherʻs Page 2017

By: Publisher & Journalist Margaux Cintrano


I remember the precise moment when I fell in love with Italy. I was approximately ve or six years old, and I had traveled to Venice, with my Venetian paternal Restaurateur and Chef Grandmother and my parents. My father hailed from the Venetian Port City of Venice and my mother was born in Quimper, Brittany, France.

In this edition, we are going to read all about Two Michelin Star, Giancarlo Perbellini of Casa Perbellini in Verona, in the province of Veneto, which includes a face to face interview by Cover Photographer Giovanni Panarotti.

At Perbellini´s tables, he sets a place for surprise, serves a fact with a touch of wonderful wit and a smile, a gastronomic viewpoint or two, and he simmers enchantingly dazzling conversation.

Additionally, Beyond Taste, shall be presenting, Veteran Top Notch renowned and amazing Author of 16 books, Tuscan Eno-gastronomic Journalist and Photographer, Claudio Mollo, Dessert Designer Alessandro Nicolis, in Verona.

Due to the fact that I had started with a total of 26 collaborating artists, and a new Graphic Designer, who unfortunately had an accident and is in hospital, the only solution I had, was to divide the magazine collaborators into a Spring Edition, a Summer & autumn edition due to a change in the Graphic Design Department.

If there are any artists not in the next 2 editions, they shall go in the Christmas edition.

Apologies to all, however, it was the only solution to meeting a Spring Deadline.

All my best for a wonderful Spring and many many thanks to Alba Digital for all their collaboration and assistance.

Publsiher Margaux Cintrano