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Chef José Andrés – World Central Kitchen

Chef José Andrés – World Central Kitchen

Photo credit: World Central Kitchen

When chef José Andrés doesn’t run his existing business empire and / or serves food to people affected by natural disasters around the world through his NGO, World Central Kitchen, he’s launching new high-end restaurants.
He and his Think Food Group are opening three new restaurants in downtown Los Angeles, all at the Grand LA Complex, designed by architect Frank Gehry.
Two of the restaurants will be inside the hotel on the 10th floor. One will be on the rooftop serving Asian and Latininspired cuisine and the other, Spanish. There will also be a lobby bar serving tropical cocktails, Spanish Andalusian spirits and sherries.
José Andrés’ third Bazaar Meat restaurant is a concept the chef originally created in 2008.
Tom moving forward, World Central Kitchen is a non-profit, non-governmental organisation dedicated to providing food and meals before, during and after natural disasters, Founded in 2010, the organisation prepared food in Haiti after the devastating earthquake.
His operating method is to be a first responder and then collaborate and galvanise solutions with local chefs to solve hunger and thirst problems, immediately after a disaster.
Since its founding, this NGO has organised food and meals in the Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Nicaragua, Peru, Cuba, the United States, including Louisiana, Hawaii, South Carolina, Miami, Bahamas, Cambodia, India, Zambia, Uganda, Guatemala and on the volcanic island of Palma in the Canary Islands, among other countries. In 2018, Chef Andrés was awarded The Humanitarian of the Year by the James Beard Culinary Foundation of New York City.

Response to Covid 19 
In early March 2020, the Grand Princess cruise ship was in quarantine near San Francisco due to the Covid pandemic. Chef Andrés has partnered with Frontline Foods to provide an open source effort to deliver meals from local restaurants to local hospitals.
In April 2020, Andrés partnered with the Washington Nationals and World Central Kitchen to use the team’s stadium in Washington DC as a kitchen to distribute free meals to all those in need.
José Andrés has been recognised for his work in Time Magazine, the Red Cross, the Washington Post, the newspaper El Pais and thousands of other humanitarian organisations and government alike.

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