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Interview Chef Keiichi Hashimoto, Le Sorcier

Interview Chef Keiichi Hashimoto, Le Sorcier

What are your keys to success, since the world, has been in quite a turmoil, how has this affected you, Le Sorcier and Shunan shi, Yamaguchi in general?

I think that in this situation, it would be more difficult for a large restaurant.

It was a stroke of luck that, Le-sorcier is a very small restaurant, ( serving only one group of diners a day). I had chosen to do Le Sorcier in this way.

For that reason there was no major damages, (having said that, I do have a few less guests) however, the majority of guests, come with peace of mind.

Could you tell our readers, about your Summer Carte and the products you are going to use?

This summer I am going to be serving plates reminiscent of nature.

For example fish scales, herbs from the local fields, various flowers, waterside creatures and plant life from the rocky dunes

Additionally, I shall also use potter’s ware, ceramic serving ware with motifs of nature indigenous to Yamaguchi & Setouchi.

Tell us about this amazing blue glass “servingware” that you use.

This Blue glass is “Taichi Ito’s” artisanal work. He is an artist of Venetian glass.

He lives in Yamaguchi too. Sometimes, I order his glassware, as it is created from the elements in Yamaguchi and the Japanese significance is that we are surrounded by the sea in 3 directions.


How do you relax when you have the time?

I go to our farms and take care of the agricultural lands, overlooking the sea, take drives, and cook.

Who were the catalysts that stimulated your interests in gastronomy and when did you discover that you wanted to study the culinary arts?

I was totally Influenced by Pierre Hermés in 1998, from an article in a Japanese cuisine magazine article.

It looks very simple and creative, however, it is extraordinarily complex – – – anyway so cool to me at the time.

How would you describe yourself in 5 adjectives?

Natural, simple, curious, strong-willed, and “kind” always.

If money were not a problem, tell us about your gastronomic dream trip and why?

“If money were not a problem, it’s would be like a dream”.

I want my Restaurant and Farm on the hill where I can see the sea. That’s really all I want. I want to stay here forever and I am not, a traveler as I went through that phase.

Is there a specific culinary skill that you would like to learn?

At this time, I am not veered to this however, one never knows. We learn something new every day.

I want to pursue “concepts “,” ways of thinking outside of the box “,” logic” etcetera, more than a culinary skill.

I feel It is important to face myself and my hometown, Yamaguchi.

I’m sure that will tell me something.

Thank you always Margaux for your kindness.

Le-sorcier, Keiichi Hashimoto

Interview By: Editor in Chief Margaux Cintrano.

Photo Credit: Restaurant Le Sorcier, Shunan shi, Yamaguchi, Japan.

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