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Interview with Chef Keiichi Hashimoto of Restaurant Le Sorcier – Shunan, Yamaguchi, Japan

Interview with Chef Keiichi Hashimoto of Restaurant Le Sorcier – Shunan, Yamaguchi, Japan

Artículo de Chef Keiichi Hashimoto Interview By:
Publisher Margaux Cintrano
Photo Copyright: Chef Keiichi Hashimoto

Margaux: What is your signature dish ? What do your clients love about it ?

Keiichi: Every Time I Change the Menu that’s why I don’t have signature dish.

But The only one dish I prepare yearly in the Winter(mainly at the begininning of the year) is Dried Persimmon with Foie Gras dish.

Terrine de Foie Gras Wrapped with Dried Persimmon flavoured with Port Blanc.

I also use Jambon de Bayonne for a Salty accent and Red Shiso leaves.

I have made this dish since 2006. It has changed little by little.

A Plate with an atmosphere is lacquer glazed plates made by “Yusuke Wakasa”

The Blue shown plate is also his work.

Margaux: How would you describe your overall cooking philosophy ?

Keiichi: Simple beauty, Regional Charm, Sense of Season and the pairing between Food and Wine.

Margaux: Name three kitchen tools you cannot do without.

Keiichi. Nothing special. Hand made warmth is best.

Margaux: When did you decide to become a chef & restaurateur ?

Keiichi: Approximately when I was 20 years old.

Margaux: Describe two or three team building techniques you utilise to meet Restaurant Le Sorcier´s needs.

Keiichi: Mostly everything is fine with my Guests. However, I value the aesthetic sense.

Margaux: Tell us about your New Year´s Eve Degustation Menu, Servingwares & Wines.

Keiichi: An Amuse boûche will be a Tartelette made by Rice flour.

Green apple marinated in Champagne and Mozzarela di bufala, and Citron mustard.

Viola flower bio from “Kimura Farm” in Yamaguchi. “Kimura Farm” is a flower grower.

Glass ware is made by “Aya Sakurai” It has become a Standard one in Le-Sorcier.

See Also

Appetizer “conscious of winter white”. Beautiful White plates with ash glaze made by “Gakuji Masui”.. He making pottery at the temple grounds.

Special Oignon velouté sauce. nutritious egg and Osetra Caviar. Brandade and Parmesan Cream with Small White Flowers. Be sure to try mineral-rich Chardonnay.

Main dishes are “Saikyo”Wagyu .This Wagyu is produced in Yamaguchi. I use Fillet and serve with Fried purple potatoes and sour cream with Truffes and Blueberry and red wine sauce.
The Blue berries are from “Tomokiyo” Apple and Blueberry Farm. This Farm is the Oldest Apple Farm in Yamaguchi. I pair with a fruity Pinot Noir of Bourgogne vintage 2019.

Servingware is chic black Plate made by “Kan Suzuki” just for “Le Sorcier” ..

I made some new desserts for this winter: “White Tiramisu” using Seto inland Sea Salt and Lemon with Roll up red fruit Sheets for expression of a little abstract.

This Plate also made by “Kan Suzuki” just for me. An image of a snow field. This white slip ware we call “Kohiki”. I really like Kohiki style Plates .

Margaux: What is your favourite gastronomic film ?

Keiichi: I don’t watch gastoronomic films. But It’s been interesting lately “Martin Margiela: In His Own Words”: “I feel good with something from things other than gastoronomy”. Architecture, design, fashion, painting. That will lead to better results. Most likely learned design.

Margaux: What has been the most unusual request from a client at Le Sorcier ?
Keiichi: Le-sorcier is Fully booked until summer 2025

They want to be able to make reservations.

Therefore I am planning a new Restaurant Le-Sorcier.

Scheduled to open in the summer 2026. Planned to have two floors, I am looking forward to it.

Margaux: Wow ! Congratulations Chef Keiichi.

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