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Madrid Fusion 2022 Highlights

Madrid Fusion 2022 Highlights

Article by Margaux Cintrano Founder of Beyond Taste- Oltre il Gusto Magazine
Photography by Madrid Fusion Media Relations

The 20th edition of Madrid Fusion Alimentos de España, the leading Spanish gastronomic conference and trade fair, kicked off by highlighting the role of chefs.
In previous editions of Madrid Fusion, the emphasis had been on the product, and this year 2022, there was no doubt about it that the focus was clearly on the people capable of elevating the best raw materials even further.
Three Michelin Starred Restaurant, El Celler de Can Roca ́s and its Head Chef Joan Roca, Michelin Starred Chef Rodrigo De La Calle, Multi Michelin Starred Albert Adrià, Multi Michelin Starred Chef Quique Dacosta, Multi Michelin Starred Chef Diego Guerrero, Multi Michelin Brazilian Chef Alex Atala and Three Michelin Starred David Muñoz, Three Michelin Starred Chef Rene Redzekpi and Lady Chef Elena Arzak amongst numerous others who talked about the dishes that have surprised them the most, and added a shining light on gastronomy ́s forgotten traditional elements, ingredients they utilise and those dishes that they created most recently.

Vineyard Recovery and New Wines

All the excitement and emotion surrounding the world of wine was palpable at the 2nd edition of The Wine Edition which is sponsered by Foods & Wines of Spain. During the first presentation, winemakers like Telmo Rodriguez explained the different projects underway in Spain seeking to recover vineyards in the mountains, from Galicia to the Canary Islands, where some the best in grape growing lands of Spain are situated.
José Antonio Navarete, sommelier at Restaurant Quique Dacosta, Annegret Kühner, Sommelier at Noma, Copenhagen, Denmark and Ferrán Centelles, the former Sommelier at El Bulli all discussed issues related to serving of wines and pairings.
Pedro Ballesteros, Master of Wine, explained the peculiarities of the wines from the Spanish – Portuguese border and compared six wines with Sommelier Pedro Ramos, Sommelier at Restaurant Alma, in Lisbon, Portugal.
The highlight happened to be a roundtable discusion on the new wines from the Designation of Origin, Jérez de La Frontera.
Renowned winemaker and producer of Pingus in Ribera del Duero, Danish Peter Sissek presented his new project featuring Sherries.
An inaugural day in which bridges were continuously built between the vintage and the new wines.

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