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Bas Meerveld, Dessert designer & private chef

Bas Meerveld, Dessert designer & private chef

Could you tell our readership your culinary philosophy and why the art of the pastry?

In pastry, you can or may lose all creativity from time to time. You have the option to develop a dish from zero. The freedom to create flavor combinations is the ultimate in the chef’s profession or pastry chef´s career.

Please describe your ideas and trends and color selection for Spring 2020.

I start with a basic taste and product and devise the perfect combination around it. Then comes the best part … how am I going to present this in such a way that the guest is eager to eat it at all levels and have an incredible dining experience.

If money was not a problem. what is your gastronomic dream trip and why?

Oh my! Alinea in Chicago, Gaggan in Bangkok, Geranium in Copenhagen.

Let´s talk about what inspires your amazing desserts? The sea, the hills, shops, architecture, paintings, photography, the children, films, restaurants, music and/or books and magazines or online websites?

I like to be inspired by the product self, which I would like to work with, taste/structure/mouth experience. By dressing and building up the dessert in a certain way, I try to let taste combinations taste. And honest, I also let myself be inspired by other chefs that I admire.

What enigmatic elements do you apply in your dessert design art?

The taste combinations, ratios between sweet/sour and bitter. I always take the mouthfeel into account.

Let us digress, to the subject of chocolate. Which types of chocolate do you employ in your desserts?

I like to work with Valrhona chocolate, which has a nice brilliant shine to it and crispness. The taste is perfect to combine with other products from nature such as fruit and some vegetables.

There are thousands of ingredients used in dessert making. Which ingredients do you use predominately?

Mainly fresh ingredients, such as fresh whipped cream, fruit, and vegetables. Stabilizers are also very important. Last year I traveled to Sosa in Moià (Spain) to gain inspiration. This was an amazing experience for a “creative brain explosion”!

Last but not least, tell our audience what are your main goals and projects for 2020?

What I am always working on is to surprise my guests every time. Coming up with new flavor combinations and making the dessert on my plates even more beautiful.

Interview By Publisher Margaux Cintrano.

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