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From a trip to the south of Sicily in October 2001

From a trip to the south of Sicily in October 2001

We leave Colorno (PR) at the end of the summer and after more than 1200 km we arrive on the island, here a magnificent sun and a fantastic sea awaited us where we could end the summer 2001 with dignity. Of course, Sicily is not just sea, for whose itinerary included four stages from where we started in search of the architectural and naturalistic beauties of the island. The choice was to stay in Agriturismo, the choice was spot on because it gave us a way to live in contact with nature and to meet beautiful people.

In two weeks you cannot visit an entire region, so the trip is limited to the southern part starting from the archaeological excavations of Agrigento up to the beautiful Selinunte, by the sea, up to the splendid Segesta. throughout Sicily you can still breathe the air of Greek culture and visiting its ruins makes you touch an unknown world with your hand

The island is fascinating, you go from the lunar landscapes of Etna to the beautiful coasts, unforgettable and unique the Scalinata dei Turchi near Agrigento.
I hope to be able to entice you to visit this beautiful Italian region.
A fantastic memory are the people who welcomed us, as Lucio Dalla wrote, Sicilians are citizens of the world who sweat their lives, a life made of Mediterranean spirit “

I am Sicilian … half African …
A little Norwegian … a little American

The bow of the boat cuts the sea in two
But the sea gathers and always remains the same And between a Greek, a Norman, a Byzantine
I am still Sicilian
Carmelo is blond and has an earring in his mouth He already feels European, European from Palermo
And among the houses yet to be finished
We continue, we continue to make love….

On this trip, I was able to appreciate their availability and their kindness, always ready to smile and to give you a hand if needed.
In all the cities and towns of Sicily, it is possible to find markets, unforgettable was the market of Catania (La Piscaria) where a chatter and a swarm of people accompany us during the visit, here you will find the best fresh fish on the island!

The Sicilians are also very religious and the processions that are found in Sicily as in the whole South do not leave you indifferent, we return to Trapani for Easter to participate in the Good Friday procession.

The procession of the Mysteries is a religious procession that has been taking place for over 400 years. The origin is Spanish and in fact, it has important similarities with the Andalusian celebrations. The event is known beyond the borders of Sicily as it lasts the beauty of 24 hours.

Article and photography by Gigi Montali

Sicily is volcanic land, shaped by water and wind, a land of a thousand colors now black like obsidian now white like limestone, every corner of the earth amazes for its shapes, even in the less known interior it is possible to discover corners such as the Alcantara gorges or the rocky necropolis of Pantalica.

The stone shaped by the hand of man comes to life: monsters and goblins seem to come out of buildings and churches and follow you on your journey. In Noto, there is the explosion of the Baroque but another little gem less known but worth visiting in Scicli.

You cannot visit the south of Sicily without visiting the beautiful salt pans of Marsala, with its windmills that draw UNFORGETTABLE landscapes at sunset.

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