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Chef Keiichi Hashimoto – The Wintery Sea, The Snow Covered Fields and Transparent Ice

Chef Keiichi Hashimoto – The Wintery Sea, The Snow Covered Fields and Transparent Ice

When did your passion to become a Chef begin? And who or what were the catalysts that stimulated this passion?

At the age of 20, I was very influenced by Pierre Hermés, who had done a cover on a Japanese Food Magazine “Seria-location” around 1998.

What were your first experiences in the kitchen?

Firstly, I didn´t want to become a chef. I was working as a waiter at a restaurant. I have always liked dealing with customers. One day, the Chef got sick, and under those circumstances, it had been my start to work in the back of the house, the kitchen.

Very interesting! Can you tell us about a dish closest to your heart during the Christmas Winter holidays?

My “Calling” and my suggestions are stem from the beautiful blue-green wintery sea, the pristine white snow, the ice-covered lands, and the budding green sprouts.

What are your plans for the Christmas and the New Year´s Eve menus and servingware? And which wines are you pairing with what dishes?

Firstly, about servingware, as you know, I always communicate the images of some potters and glass artists. This winter theme, for example, is the snow-covered fields, clear ice, and the beautiful blue-greens of the ocean.

Among them, the fields are covered with snow and transparent ice, which I plate on our new dishes.

For the snow-filled dish, I created a “Boeuf au vin rouge”, which is a preparation of Japanese Wagyu and Sake, and for the clear ice, the glass plate is Mont-blanc.

For the Wine pairings, I have been thinking recently of which wines shall pair best with these dishes at this special time of the year. In terms of my favorites, the Bourgogne Vins from the wineries: Anne Gros, Philippe Paca-let, Roche de Bellene, By Nicols Potel, Chales Noellat, Tortochot, and as you can see, there is no end to the infinite great wines which come to mind.

In what direction is Le Sorcier, heading in 2021? For example, you have served many timeless elegant dishes in Shunanshi in cobalt blue glass, similar to Murano glass from Venice, and many dishes in beautifully unique handcrafted pottery. Is there something new in mind to bring in the New Year 2021?

2021, I aim for more “Chic” and yet a calm atmosphere.
To take a delicate balance with gorgeousness.

Can you share a secret about Le Sorcier with us?

Secret?! Actually, I am creating some pottery by chance to use as self-made plates in 2021.

This sounds wonderful. Nothing gives a Chef a greater pleasure than introducing his or her menu, showing his or her servingware and giving a tour of the ambiance of their venue, to guests coming to dine, and to the heart of their restaurant, the kitchen.

Thank you once again for all your collaboration with Beyond Taste – Oltre il Gusto Magazine.

Interview By: Publisher Margaux A. Cintrano
Photo Copyright: Restaurant Le Sorcier, Shunanshi, Yamaguchi, Japan

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