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El Bulli 1846 Opens Its Doors As A Museum In June

El Bulli 1846 Opens Its Doors As A Museum In June

Article by: Journalist Margaux Cintrano
Photos: El Bulli Press
Research: Foundation El Bulli

El Bulli is opening its doors which have been converted into a museum, where visitors will be able to eat knowledge. It is not a restaurant but a space to reflect and to know why gastronomy creates humanitarianism.

Tickets have been selling since April 17th at the cost of 27.50 €uros each.

The museum shall be open from the 15th of June 2023 to the 16th of September 2023.

The space has been dedicating itself to research and multi disciplinary medical teams.

The name of El Bulli 1846, was chosen to refer to the museum and differentiate itself from the restaurant which was opened until 2011.

1846 is a enigmatic number for the founder Ferran Adrià because it represents the number of recipes that the now defunct restaurant created and furthermore it was also the year that French Chef Augustre Ecoffier was born.

Some of the exhibition materials include, menús from the restaurant, photographs of the most renowned 28 plates and dishes, original crystal, mantels, art works, sculptures and the most extraordinary works of art in numerous mediums of the Cala Montjoi, Rosas, Girona landscapes, seaviews and architectural mastery of the Museum.

The various rooms of the 4.000 square metres are a legacy consisting of 2.500 m2 of exterior and 1.300 m2 of interior space. They reflect and safeguard the inheritance of El Bulli´s DNA and also El Bulli´s Bullipedia.

El Bulli
Cala Montjol S / N ( without number)
Rosas, Girona 17480
Season: 15 / 05 / 2023 – 16 / 09 / 2023

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