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Encanto, the enchanted plant world by José Avillez

Encanto, the enchanted plant world by José Avillez

Welcome to this enchanted place of haute cuisine where vegetables are celebrated as stars. Memorable moments await you.

ENCANTO opens for dinner, Tuesday to Saturday.
On the table, a parade of the best delicately prepared vegetables on a unique tasting menu that is 100% vegetarian, with around 12 moments. A game of colours, textures and temperatures, with contrasting and unforgettable flavours, presented in a surprising and original way.

Legumes, leaves, seeds, algae, mushrooms, flowers, fruits, eggs, and cheeses are delicately prepared and served. As the best complement, we suggest biodynamic wines, craft beers, or housemade juices, infusions and kombuchas that can be ordered a la carte or as a drinks menu.

At ENCANTO, we want to celebrate the work of small or local Portuguese farmers and cede the spotlight to seasonal products.

“Encanto is our first restaurant with a set 100% vegetarian menu. It’s an enchanted place that sprung from wanting to use the best products nature gives us and from a drive to contribute to a more sustainable world,” explained José Avillez.

Encanto Menu

Because some ingredients may become unavailable, this menu may be changed.

Flaxseed | Celery | Tonburi
Satay peanut | Paprika | Lemon
Green bean tempura | Romesco
Bean | Avocado | Tiger’s milk | Flowers Gold | Hummus

Lupin bean | Fava bean azevia (fried pastry with soft filling)

Spelt bread | Smoked butter | Sage ashes

Carrot | Olive | Pine nut milk

Beetroot | Sweet potato | Dijon

Confit egg yolk | Jerusalem artichoke | Bean broth | Truffle

Green curry | Green vegetables | Green citrus

Cabbage | Onion corn kernels | Azorean Island cheese

Rice | Black truffle | Spinach | Sheep butter

Mushrooms | Leek | Puff pastry

Strawberry sorbet | Coconut | Broccoli

Meringue| Pinetree crème | Kumquat

Apple | Yuzu

Encanto Menu
About 12 moments: 95 euros per person

With 40 seats, Encanto is in Largo de São Carlos, in the space that was once the old Belcanto, and for a few months, Canto. The interior architecture was designed by Studio Astolfi.

by José Avillez

+ 351 211 626 310
Largo de São Carlos, 10
1200 – 410 Lisbon

Opening hours:
Tuesday to Saturday for dinner, from 19:00 to 22:30.



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