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Hans Veen, court sketch artist, painter & stage actor

Hans Veen, court sketch artist, painter & stage actor

It is a grand honor to be able to interview you with Food Designer Dimitri Asciutto.

Where are you from?

Hello Margaux, I was born in Leidschendam, near The Hague, the Netherlands

I had seen, that you have worked in the television industry, on your Facebook Page.

Yes. I make official sketched portraits or court drawings for the broadcasters. They are not allowed to film or photograph in the courtroom.

Wow, very interesting. Are you a painter or artist by profession or by passion?

Well. painting falls under the name of the painter, but I do, even more, music, theater, and penning. So, in this sense, I would say I am an artist.

I have seen numerous paintings of your´s and your portraits are so lifelike, capturing the true essence of the person that you are painting.

Thank you. It has been said, that, they look like photos, but I prefer to continue working until it “lives”. that you no longer think it’s an image.

In the Netherlands we say that “it comes out.” After placing the initial sketch down on a canvas, a general question could be, “Who will I paint next?” To which Dimitri answered: “Do me.” And I wrote back: “Okay.” The rest is history !

Are you still working for the television media ?

At the moment, some court work and a friend of mine who is in the video production business for almost forty years, and I are working on a video project. Furthermore, I have also done a wide variety of artistic products for events.

I have recently seen photographs in which you were on stage with Maurice Hermans. Could you tell our audience more about that ?

Maurice Hermans is the middle son of one of the greatest comic theater people we know in the Netherlands. I have known Maurice for almost 40 years and he soon became a friend of the family, where I often met him.

Maurice produces shows with songs from his father and he asked me to participate.

Of course, I said “yes”. My work is that of a stage manager and to create some funny scenes during the show with music.

Thank you once again for all your collaboration with Beyond Taste – Oltre il Gusto Magazine.

A true pleasure.

You’re welcome, Margaux.

By: Journalist Margaux Cintrano & Kenwood Food

Design Engineer Dimitri Asciutto

Photo Copyright: Hans Veen

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